It has been raining… A lot here in north Texas. In fact for several weeks straight we’ve had so much rain we’re in the top 10 wettest ever in Texas (7th to be precise and probably 2nd by the end of the month). October has not only seen 8″ of rain but it has also been one of the coldest months in history and we’ll probably reach the top 10 list at the rate we’re going.

Now with all of this rain the soil is basically mud. Many areas are under water or so saturated that virtually any work is impossible. No hay cutting, planting on any scale. Working with animals is a pain, in fact walking out to get the mail gives you a 4″ mud lift on your boots!

Now, on the other hand the cooler weather keeps you from having to run the A/C. The plants and animals get water, Grass feed grows well and is quite green. You could say that rain is like money falling from the sky and cool weather is like cold hard cash.

Yeah, you hate to get so much rain it is a nuisance, on the other hand every cloud has a silver lining if you’ll take the time to find it.

Besides, there are many a year we’re praying for rain. For me, I’ll take what I can get.

** Update: as of 10/27 October has seen 11.5″ of rain, making this the second wettest month in the areas recorded history!