Local Honey

Direct From Hive to Home for The Best Taste Texas Has To Offer!

Why BZB Farm?

The honey that flowes from the BZB Farm is pure, natural, and gently strained to give you the best tasting honey you could imagine! We take great care of our bees all year round to ensure they are healthy and at peak production to make the very best honey for your table.

There are lots of unkowns when purchasing any product, especially with food products. Local honey is a great option – the best, and safest way to ensure you’re getting a great product. Let’s face it, I’d LOVE for you to by our delicious BZB Farm honey – but if you don’t buy from us, please support another local beekeeper. Supporting the bees is one thing, but you’re certain to be putting good things into your body as well.

Why Local Honey?

You can find honey in virtually every store across the nation – however, not all honey is created equal.

Many honey brands in grocery stores across the country are heated to high temperatures so they can more easily be handled and filtered to create a uniform product. Buying local honey does a number of things, including helping assure you are getting both quality low-processed honey and supporting the local honeybee economy, a critical participant of virtually all other food products you enjoy.


Support Local Beekeeping

Support those who support the honey bees – keeping the honey flowing!

Experienced and hobby beekeepers alike have a significant interest in helping maintain the health of honey bee colonies. We need the bees.


Unfiltered Honey

No high-temp filtering! Natural, raw honey filled with local pollens and oozing with natural sweetness!

The straining process is natural and leaves all of natures goodness right where in belongs, the golden honey!