Today when I checked on the chicks I found one of them was dead.  I’m not sure what happened, but I don’t think it had been very long because rigimortus hadn’t set it yet.  I can only imagine that it got cold enough during the night that it was smothered, however it wasn’t in a corner – that would typically where that would happen.  Maybe it was sick and week, but it sure didn’t look like that; just as big as the other chicks.

Maybe we’ll never know.

I’m keeping a closer eye on the temperature.

Today I also removed some of the boxes on the south and west walls to give them more room and make it easier for us to get in there and take care of them.  They really like the room.  I left the new wood chips in piles and they had a great time browsing around in it and before long the wood chips were all spread out.