A peanut lighter makes a fantastic backup for getting the fire started!

I recently picked up a 4-pack of these little peanut lighters – they work quite well and are really cheap enough that if you have one bad lighter it’s not a big deal.  The o-ring on this peanut lighter keeps the fuel much longer than a zippo for example – keeping some easily accessible fire in a variety of places as backups is perfect!  Glove box, back packs, and go bags.  It’s a backup, not necessarily my first go to for fire – mostly because of size.

My primary lighter used to be a Zippo, but since I don’t use it a lot (I don’t smoke) the fuel would evaporate before I could use it up… so when I needed it more often than not it was empty.  The 0-ring fixes that.  This peanut lighter is part of my daily carry, but it is a backup to my butane lighter.

A Peanut Lighter makes  a great backup for your primary fire starter.  You can’t go wrong with a handful of inexpensive lighters in strategic locations so you always have a way to start a fire, light a lantern, or hand off to someone else.  Did I mention barter?  Why not – you’d get someone a badly needed resource if they were unprepared or lost all of their preps in a disaster.

Really simple to use – even when your hands are cold, but with gloves or very cold weather where your hands are getting numb it is frustrating to use, again because of the size.

In my opinion all peanut lighters are backups – so I picked up these inexpensive backup lighters and have put them in various places for easy to access options to get the fire started or the lantern lit.

  • The peanut lighter is 2 x .6 inches
  • Weighs approx. (25 grams) when empty
  • These use liquid naphtha fuel, and use standard flints like a Zippo lighter, available at most grocery and hardware stores.
  • You simply pull out the insert and pour fuel into the cotton inside