What is it that needs to be done when looking after our farm?

We work hard to make our farm a simple to run and well oiled machine.  We have children… and animals… so you can imagine how well that goes!  Think of a circus train that’s stopped in the zoo and all the doors opened – only one city slicker family is in the park… and the gates are locked shut.  No… not really that bad… or is it?  Did I mention Mother Nature?

When you’ve got help divide and conquer!  If you’re by yourself feeding the troops first gives you a little reprieve while you milk.  I start water and feed the dogs & chickens, then milk.


Big dogs 2 small scoops, small dogs 1 scoop


2 scoops of feed, fill up their water and collect eggs


Fill up all the water troughs.  2 in the heifer pen, 4-5 in the bull pen, chicken water, one in the garden, one in the yard.


  • Get a goat on the stanchion
  • Brush the goat to avoid hair in the milk (optional)
  • Wipe down the bag with a hand wipe
  • Discard three full squirts from each teat
  • Milk into clean pale
  • Filter
  • Freeze in small amounts for 2 hours (set a timer!)
  • Store in freezer in lager containers or jugs (optional)

 Teet Wash recipe

15 drops grape seed extract, fill pint jar with water & shake


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!