Interesting – population data from – what will the 2010 census reveal?

  • Ladonia: 691
  • Bells: 1,322
  • Wolfe City: 1,633
  • Honey Grove: 1,828
  • Prosper: 3,073
  • Commerce: 9,066
  • Bonham: 10,527
  • Greenville: 25,551
  • Paris: 25,755
  • Sherman: 38,407
  • The Colony: 44,704

Interesting to see how your town falls in line compared to other areas.  There are lots of places you don’t see in your own town, let alone the towns you go to just for one or two things.

UPDATE: The population of Plain City, UT (where we moved from to Texas) had a population in 2009 of roughly 5,500, so we moved to a smaller place already – so, it’s probably safe to say we were headed toward our current life style long before we moved to Texas!  I’m sure that the enormity of the metroplex added to the congestion.  Now, when I go to ‘the city’ it is stifling and a bit overwhelming.  Now if I can just slow down when I drive 😉