Quite some time ago I was ready to get a garden started – I had the plans in my head… ready to put into action – and now that I clear the cobwebs away it was nearly 4 years ago when I had an idea to start a garden.

Since then I haven’t given up – always thinking, but something always getting in the way.  Fencing in our animals was our last challenge…. but that is well under hand now.  The Back to Eden Gardening method really seemed to be the best way to go.  Low weeds, very natural, it just seemed right.  Paul was very convincing.  I collected somewhere in the neighborhood of 5000 cubic feet of wood chips… yeah… that’s a lot!

In hind site I was lucky for it to have taken a while to gather those supplies.  Lucky for me someone else spent a few years with that method to discover it wasn’t going to perform like we’d hoped… and following LDS Preppers lead I attended a Mittleider Gardening seminar… and I’m not waiting another 4 years before I get to eat my own home grown veggies!