There is lots of milk flowing through the BZB farm.  By all fair estimates we probably have well over 1,000 gallons flow through the BZB milk bucket during the course of a milking season.

We’re always working new ways to use our milk.  You know everything takes time – so it’s a balance of milk, knowledge/experience, and time.  This morning (like most other mornings) Clara brought in the milk.  We filter and chill it as quickly as we can.  We freeze it in quart jars for about 2 hours and that quick chill helps ensure you have delicious tasting milk.  Once that’s done we consolidate the milk into 1/2 gallon jars to save space.


Gallon half

Sure doesn’t look like a lot, but when I go to put in our freezer and see 2 gallon jugs (I’m sure we’re giving away), about 9 other 1/2 gallon jars, and 15 other quarts… well, as you can imagine we’re always looking for ways to process the milk.  Sadly it’s quite a process to sell milk.  We drink it of course, make yogurt, a soft cheese, and ice cream.  We use milk in other cooking and baking and during the holidays we will often make cajeta (a Mexican carmel treat that is delicious).

We actually have a pretty good handle on processing our milk.  Given a little time we could do much more – different cheeses, sour cream… and many other delicious dairy treats!  Now, when we have occasion to be away from the farm (VERY RARE INDEED) I must tell you that I feel the anticipation of our helper – “milk… oh the things I can make!”  Ice cream is probably top of the list… then the frustration as “WOW that’s a lot more milk that I realized!” sets in… and finally desperation with “Crud… I think this milk might go bad… how will I use it all!?”  It’s all right… your neighbor would love some 😉