My wife always surprises me when out of the blue she has a completely out of character episode of spontaneity!  She calls me up and starts telling me how she found a Great Pyrenees (GP) – and she knows I’ve talked about getting one, but t

hat was when we had a herd of something to protect – but nonetheless – down that road she went.  “You’ve talked about a livestock guard dog!  This is the perfect one!”

In any case, the young man with the dog felt it was a bit too much for him to take care of – it was constantly running off to town to hang out with some other dogs.  When we saw his place it was along a busy road with nothing but fields in all directions except to the north – town – dogs – fun!

We could tell that he and his mother were pretty sad to see their dog go.  His name was Ruger, and he was BIG!  In hindsight we should have asked a lot more questions and looked at where he slept and all, but this kind of slipped our mind – at first for me it was shock, I couldn’t believe how big this guy was – I thought a 12 month old GP wouldn’t be THAT big (turns out he’s 14 months) – I was used to our little Border Collies.  Next it was his friendliness – he was so loving and sweet.

After we talked to them for a while and saw that it was possible for him to get along with Holly and Jingle we finalized the arrangements and loaded him up.  He barely had enough room for the crate we brought for him.  All though the ride was short either Holly or Jingle tossed their ‘dog biscuits’ on the way there and the other one on the way back.  Ruger on the other hand rode just fine despite the cramped quarters.

He settled in pretty well – very interested in everything going on and the new place – unfortunately it was getting dusk when we got home so he didn’t have a chance to run all over and explore.  I still think there might be a little idea in his head this is temporary, but little does he know that we’ve all fell head over heals in love with this handsome dog.

Dad, I love our dogs.  Ya wanna know why?  Because I love them. – Seth age 6