One of my bee mentors John Talbert recently told a group of beekeepers to be wary of the information you find on the internet, and rightly so.  John has also been known to say that when you have a question ask three beekeepers, you’ll get three different answers, then pick the one (or mix of answers) that best fits your situation [paraphrased].  So, I sure hope you find not only my information about bees educational and possibly entertaining, but all of the information you find on the BZB website.

I find that beekeeping is a blast.  Bees are extremely interesting insects – and there are a few things every new beekeeper needs to do to prepare – not the long list, the short list – just to get your pulse up a bit.

  1. Get over ‘the buzzzzz’
  2. Make your plan
  3. Become a sponge
  4. Get your equipment
  5. Enjoy the honey flow…

There’s more… maybe less… it all depends on what you want out of bees.  Just like a plant that you let produce what it will or you can diligently nurture and care for the plant to maximize production, you can do so with bees.

What else would you like to know?