One thing we’ve been wanting to get going on our farm since day one is fruit trees.  Largely due to the length of time it would take to get fruit bearing trees – sure, maybe only a year or two, or three, but they’d be growing while you we did something else… right!? Well things rarely work out like I plan.

Finally after 4 years we’re getting some fruit trees… FINALLY!  We did try a few trees here and there but the goats would get out and demolish them.  Or the fencing we put around the trees in the cow pasture were no match for 1200 pound mammals hungry for delicious and succulent leaves.  Frustrating and defeating, but true.

Q,, our neighbor, has been talking to us about trees all that time.  Finally we went in with him on a tree purchase… 33 fruit trees, 100 strawberry plants, 10 crape myrtle, and 6 blackberry.  Yeah, the makings of another disaster, however we do have the animals locked down tight so no more renegade tree trimmers!

We’ll see how things come along. Between simply being busy and the wet weather we’ve had we’ve had a slow start.  We’ve taken too long to get these bare root trees in the ground, but it’s DO OR DIE!  Admittedly there is a little apprehension on my part as I am not 100% confident on planting trees.  It’s taken time and with a little confidence boost from Q we’ve got 18 trees in the ground.  Then it rained.  And rained some more.

AAAANNNNnnnyyyy way….

18 trees in the ground.  Hopefully time will open up soon for me to get more planted soon.