Saturday some of our good great awesome best friends came up to our place to help us with some fencing.  We’ve been struggling with the fence since we moved to our farm eight months ago – then we were putting in some hotwire as we were moving all of our animals – in the enjoyable triple digit August heat Texas is so famous for.

fence-sat-01The crew just took off like crazy!  Before I knew it a line of t-posts had been pounded and we were rolling wire.  it was getting hotter by the minute – and we were just pounding out the fence.  Ted could pound t’s like nobody’s business and the ladies were the best and putting up the wire!  And thank you Aaron and David for fixing that parameter fence!

We’ve got a few small trees to protect and hang the gate and we should be ready to put in the animals.

We had all planned a fun afternoon with shooting and hanging out but we worked so hard we were exhausted and passed on the festivities.  We’ll all get back together in a few weeks for fun!  Seth even planned a water balloon fight!

Thank you Ted, Bonnie, Aaron, Sheila, David, Katie, Sydney, and Tyra!