A friend is interested in bees this year – they asked for some help – they are nervous and unsure of what to expect.  I jotted down a quick 10 phase list of what to expect as a new bee keeper.  The details can be overwhelming, but they can be with anything else – so here it is in a nutshell.

  1. The idea (sounds cool!  I love honey!)
  2. The commitment (Let’s do it!)
  3. Order the bees (you install bees mid April in NE Texas usually)
  4. Get ready (start putting your equipment together – April will be here before you know it)
  5. Wait with anticipation or rush because you forgot!
  6. Adrenalin (Installing the bees will give you a surge of adrenalin – excited or scared – you’ll get an extra boost!
  7. Second thoughts (either you get stung during installation or someone else does – your spouse or neighbor complains – “What was I thinking!?”) – it’s ok… really.
  8. Regular checkups (Follow your mentor’s suggestions and you’ll be just fine)
  9. First extraction (Around July 4th!  What a better way to celebrate Independence than getting YOUR OWN HONEY!!?)
  10. Enjoy without any regret honey… on toast… on cereal… in yogurt… on ice cream… in baking… in anything and everything…